2022 Winter Photo Special

Sunday  February 27, 2022
Monday February 28, 2022

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Winter Photo Special Schedule Featuring Locomotive #481 and Galloping Goose #5

Sunday, 2/27/22 Winter Photo Special 7:45am-4:00pm
Sunday 2/27/22 Night Shoot*               6:00pm-8:30pm
Monday 2/28/22 Winter Photo Special 7:45am-4:00pm

*Must Purchase a Winter Photo Train ticket in order to participate in Night Photo Shoot. If there are any spaces available 24 hours before the night session, they will be made available to the general public.

Online booking is not available for the Photo Special events. Please call 1.877.872.4607 to book!



Photo by Anthony D’Amato


Join us for the exciting 2022 Winter Photo Special!  This event will feature two historic locomotives. The Durango & Silverton excursion will be powered by Locomotive #481 with multiple run-by opportunities each day. The D&S train consist will include Box Car, Box Car, Side Dump, Flat, Flat, P-Box, Coach, Coach, Concessions Car, and Caboose 0540.

The Galloping Goose #5 is a stand alone train.

Passengers will de-board at pre-determined locations along the route for run-bys of the trains.

Sunday February 27 Run-by locations:  Pinkerton, Horseshoe, High Bridge, Cribbed Wall, Pidgeon and Turrett Peak, Old Animas Toll Road, Teft Bridge (Run-by locations subject to change).

Monday February 28 Run-by locations: Wash out, Granite Point, Horseshoe, High Bridge, Tacoma, Ah Wilderness, Cement Wall, North of Teft, Cribbed Wall, Old Animas Toll Road, Teft Bridge, Tall Timber (Run-by locations subject to change).

This Photo Special includes lunch and water/soda. Guests with dietary restrictions are strongly encouraged to bring their own lunch.

Departure Times 2/27 & 2/28:
Durango Departure: 7:45am
Durango Arrival:      4:00pm

Pricing:  Coach $295* (per person per day)
Galloping Goose #5 $175* (per person per day)

*Fares subject to a 8% Historic Preservation Fee.

Seating on the D&S train will be assigned for boarding in Durango but will be open seating thereafter.  Galloping Goose #5 will feature open seating.

Call 1.877.872.4607 to book!

A rare opportunity to photograph historic steam locomotives in the Durango railyard at night!


Photo by:  Bryan Burton

Important Note: You MUST have booked a seat on the Photo Special to participate in the Night Photography sessions. If there are any spaces available 24 hours before the Night Photo Shoot, they will go up for sale to the general public.

Photo session begins at 6:00pm
Photo session ends: 8:30PM

Pricing: $75

Call 1.877.872.4607 to book!

To view the D&SNGRR Policy on Commercial Use of Photographs, click here.


Requirements For All Photo Shoots:
Physically Capable: We ask that guests be prepared for strenuous physical activity. This includes but not limited to being able to maneuver in rough, hilly, snow-packed, and unstable terrain.
Sturdy shoes. NO open toe/open back shoes. Hiking boots highly recommended.
Signed “Release of Liability” form.
Name badge must be worn at all times. These are distributed at the Durango Depot during orientation.
Guests must maintain silence during runbys.
Please wear neutral colored clothing in case you step in another person’s photo line.
Any participant not adhering to the direction of Railroad staff will be escorted off the property and no refund will be given.
Safety will not be compromised. Thank you for your cooperation.

General Information:
Please be aware that due to steep terrain and the possibility of deep snow, moderate to extreme physical activity will likely be required to access most run-by locations. Those who wish to avoid this exertion will always have the option to remain on board in the comfort of the train.

Tips and Suggestions for Riding the Photography Specials:
A sturdy tripod and a camera capable of long shutter speeds. Tripods help get a great photo but can be burdensome. Please use your best judgement.
A remote release or cable release isn’t critical but will certainly improve your odds of getting sharp pictures.
A small penlight or headlamp is helpful to see settings on your camera and help illuminate the ground around you.
Be sure to have plenty of battery power, memory cards or film to capture the unique opportunities of night photography.
Lens lengths from wide angle to 300mm are suitable.
Be rested and prepared for a full day on board the train. If you are coming from lower elevations, acclimate yourself to the altitude (6,512) a day in advance and be sure to drink plenty of water.
Clothing Suggestions:
A February night may get very cold in Durango and in the mountains. We recommend that you dress in layers, bring a coat, some gloves and ear warmers too!

Although the D&SNG strives to maintain the published schedules, consists and runbys, the D&SNG assumes no liability for any changes to the above. Consists, schedules and equipment may change without notice. In order to do all the scheduled runbys, photographers must listen to the directions of the staff. Accidents happen when people are rushed so we will not rush anyone. However, we may need to skip runbys in order to keep on schedule.

The D&SNG reserves the right to prevent any passenger from participating in photo runbys for failure to comply with railroad rules and regulations or directions set by the Conductor. If the Conductor has any safety concerns for for any passenger at any runby location, the D&S reserves the right to keep that passenger on board

The D&S reserves the right to change or cancel the Night Shoot if unforeseen circumstances arise. This includes but is not limited to severely inclement weather, equipment problems and schedule changes. Safety is our number one priority.

Run-bys: You will have opportunities to get photographs and videos of scenes few people will ever have a chance to get as the train stops in the remote wilderness for you to disembark at specially selected stops. The train will back out of view and once instructed by the conductor, with two long whistles it will proceed toward the photo line with smoke and steam hissing and billowing in the cold mountain air! Once passed out of sight, the train then returns to pick up the passengers to take them to the next photo run-by. We will plan on having at least 6 run-bys between Durango and our furthest destination of Cascade Canyon!

Photo Lens Recommendations

If you have multiple lenses, please bring a selection. Most run-bys will be best captured with 55-200mm but for some you may want a wider lens especially if your shot is closer to the track. Since the train starts the run-by from some distance away, you’ll want a longer lens. Many photographers use an 18-200 or 28-300 zoom lens since that works well at all the stops. Generally an extreme wide angle lens will get more than just train & scenery, you’ll probably get the photo line as well! If you’ll be joining us on the night shoot, depending on the shots you want, moderate wide angle to moderate telephoto lenses and anything from 70 to 200 should work well. Hopefully this helps!

To view the D&SNGRR Policy on Commercial Use of Photographs, click here.

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